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I have a apache rewrite for a site that runs on wordpress like this:

RewriteRule ^((images|stylesheets|scripts)/.+)$ /assets/$1 [NC,L]

I converted to nGinx which seems like this:

rewrite /((images|stylesheets|scripts)/.+)$ /assets/$1 break;

There is no problem with this directive, it runs fine and does it's job. The problem now is with wordpress files. If I try opening /wp-content/themes/fluidblog/library/media/images/banner.png it will come as 404. Can you help me figure out how to make nginx understand that I want the rewrite only for the first subdirectory so it's not searching within all path?


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Sorry to be a empty poster, but figured it out my self! location /images { rewrite /images/(.*)$ /assets/images/$1; } location /stylesheets { rewrite /stylesheets/(.*)$ /assets/stylesheets/$1; } location /scripts { rewrite /scripts/(.*)$ /assets/scripts/$1; } –  Eddie Jun 12 '13 at 12:40

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I know you seem to have figured it out, but i would like to suggest a simpler answer, might need some fixing but you'll get the idea,

Note: I haven't tested those.

location ~ /(?:images|stylsheets|scripts)
    rewrite ^(.*)$ /assets/$1;

or maybe

location ~ /(?:images|stylesheets|scripts)
    rewrite ^ /assets$request_uri;
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Hi, yeah this makes better sense and keeps things dynamic. Thanks in reply. –  Eddie Jun 12 '13 at 15:45

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