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I am quite new to knockout.js, and I am enjoying learning how to make interfaces with it. But I have a bit of a wall while trying to make my interface more efficient. What I am trying to achieve is remove only the elements selected by $('.document_checkbox').serializeArray(), which contains the revision_id. I will then re-add the entries to the view model with a modified call to self.getDocument(), passing only the modified records which will be re-added. Can anyone help me how to remove the entries from the arrays based on the 'revision_id' values of $('.document_checkbox').serializeArray() ?

function Document(data) {
    this.line_id = data.line_id
    this.revision_id = ko.observable(data.revision_id);
    this.status_id = ko.observable(data.status_id);

function DocumentViewModel() {
    var self = this;
    self.documents = ko.observableArray([]);

    self.getDocument = function(){
        //Reset arrays
        //Dynamically build section arrays
        $.getJSON("/Documentation/Get-Section", function(allData) {
            $.map(allData, function(item) {
                var section = { name: item.array_name, display_name: item.display_name, documents: ko.observableArray([])};
            //Add document objects to the arrays
            $.getJSON("/Documentation/Get-Document", function(allData){
                $.map(allData, function(item) { 
                var section = ko.utils.arrayFirst(self.documents(), function(documentSection) {
                    return documentSection.name === item.array_name;
                section.documents.push(new Document(item));

    self.updateStatusBatch = function(data,event){
            revision_id : $('.document_checkbox').serializeArray(),
            status_id : event.currentTarget.value
              //This is where I get confused.

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Would you be willing to add your html and bindings to this question? – Ryan Rahlf Jun 12 '13 at 12:53

You should modify the /Documentation/Update-Status-Batch in order that it returns the deleted item id. So you will be able to remove it on the client side.

Try this "done" function:

function(removedItemId) {
        return doc.status_id == removedItemId;

Take a look at the remove function.

I hope it helps.

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