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I have created a map in MBTiles using TileMill and hosted it on MapBox. Now I am trying to display it on my website adding the infobox using OpenLayers and Wax

Acording with these



geoconsulter. de/map/wax/manual/index.html

This code should be working, but it does not. The tiles appear fine, but not the legend. If I do not comment this line //map.addControl(new wax.ol.Interaction()); there is an error about the method being undefined. But if I leave like that, there is no error but still the legend does not appear

function(tilejson) {
var map = new OpenLayers.Map({
div: 'map',
controls: [
    new OpenLayers.Control.Navigation(),
    new OpenLayers.Control.Attribution(),
    new wax.ol.Legend()
layers: [

map.addControl(new wax.ol.Legend());
//map.addControl(new wax.ol.Interaction());

I would appreciate any comments.

Thanks in advance, Carmen

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We would recommend using native UTFGrid in OpenLayers instead of the outdated Wax framework.

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