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I am trying out a new linked server - I can run this command fine:

SELECT * FROM NextGen4.NGEPMWareHouse.dbo.Network_People

If I try to get fancy (update a table on my local server from the linked server)

UPDATE dbo.Network_People
SET dbo.Network_People.NGTimeStamp = NextGen4.NGEPMWareHouse.dbo.Network_People.[TimeStamp]
WHERE dbo.Network_People.HIN = NextGen4.NGEPMWareHouse.dbo.Network_People.HIN

I get

The number name 'NextGen4.NGEPMWareHouse.dbo.Network_People' contains more than the maximum number of prefixes. The maximum is 3.

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Try woking with UPDATE … FROM and an alias.

  NGTimeStamp = warehouse.[TimeStamp]
  NextGen4.NGEPMWareHouse.dbo.Network_People AS warehouse
  INNER JOIN dbo.Network_People AS people ON people.HIN = warehouse.HIN
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+1 --> I was writing the same answer –  David Espart Nov 10 '09 at 9:36

Try to exclude ".dbo" prefix from your tablenames and use "update from"

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