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Every time I start the interpreter for a programming language (lets consider python in this case) emacs opens the interpreter in the window which is not current. Note that I have two windows open, so the interpreter is always opening in the opposite window that I am currently in. This is annoying because then I always have to switch windows after I open an interpreter...

  1. How can I get the python interpreter to open in the current window inside emacs?
  2. Can I solve this problem generally for other programs/shells/buffers that do not open in the current window?

    I note that this also happens frequently with other emacs commands (such as C-h v and the description of the variable opens in the window that is not current)

All help is greatly appreciated!

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Interpreter-buffers connect with a process. If not already there, it must be a different one than the buffer called from - otherwise the current buffers contents is lost.

You might be interested in org-mode, org-babel, which provides a way to insert results in current buffer when executing source-code.

With python-mode.el, set py-switch-buffers-on-execute-p to non-nil. After M-x py-shell, cursor is in new shell.

If py-split-windows-on-execute-p is nil, M-x py-shell should switch to Python shell without splitting the window. See more options if re-using an existing py-shell etc.

With python.el, M-x run-python switches into the Python-shell.

See also customizable variable pop-up-windows.

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I think you misunderstood or I used the wrong vocabulary. I am talking about windows, like splitting the emacs window by entering C-x 2 –  CodeKingPlusPlus Jun 12 '13 at 21:38
@CodeKingPlusPlus Extended the answer, as py-split-windows-on-execute-p seems the variable at stake. –  Andreas Röhler Jun 13 '13 at 5:23
Where would I find out about these variables for my other interpreters? –  CodeKingPlusPlus Jun 13 '13 at 12:21
@CodeKingPlusPlus Recent python.el already switches with M-x run-python. Maybe upgrade? –  Andreas Röhler Jun 13 '13 at 13:55
I am using python-mode.el is there any difference in what you are talking about? –  CodeKingPlusPlus Jun 13 '13 at 19:02

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