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I am trying to perform basic unit test on a Grails domain class.

Here is the domain class:

class User {
    String username
    String password
    String email

    static constraints = {
        username size: 4..15, blank: false, unique: true
        password size: 5..15, password: true, blank: false
        email email: true, blank: false

Here is the unit test class:

class UserTests {
    void testCreateUser() {
        def u = new User(username:"ab")
        assertFalse "There should be errors", u.validate()
        assertTrue "Should be errors here", u.hasErrors()

username is constrained by size from 4 to 15. However, when I run grails test-app the above test succeeds. I don't understand why the constraint isn't causing it to fail.

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You didn't write which Grails version you use, but generally you should set up User class to be tested for constraint checks. Add this to your UserTests

def setUp() {
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I use Grails 2.2.1 –  MeIr Jun 12 '13 at 14:39
Can you clarify what difference does Grail version makes? Do different Grails versions have different Unit Tests definitions? Thank you. –  MeIr Jun 12 '13 at 14:44
I added your method, changed "def" to "void" but test is still succeeds... –  MeIr Jun 12 '13 at 14:46
@MeIr put mockForConstraintsTests(User) line as the first line of testCreateUser and see if it succeeds. –  Tomasz Kalkosiński Jun 12 '13 at 21:01

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