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I am working on generating a PDF report using itextsharp. The format of the report roughly is like this: Some text (paragraph), followed by a table, followed by a graph, followed by another table. I used PdfPTable to draw tables, Paragraph to write a text, and PdfContentByte to draw a graph. The issue is, the second table is not positioned properly i.e. it is not drawn after the graphics. I guess the issue is I am trying to combine a higher level (using Document object) with lower level (Using direct content) operation. Can anyone please help me to find a better solution for my problem? Thank you.

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The Paragraph and the PdfPTable are high-level objects. What you do with PdfContentByte are low-level operations. You're mixing the high-level approach with the low-level approach in the wrong way.

You need to create a PdfTemplate object (see the CreatTemplate method in PdfContentByte) and draw the graphics to that PdfTemplate object; think of it as a small, reusable rectangular canvas.

Once you're done, you can wrap the PdfTemplate inside an Image object. Don't worry: it won't be rasterized; it will remain a vector-based graphical object. Once you have that Image, you can continue using Document.Add() and the low-level operations wont overlap with the high-level objects.

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Hi Bruno,Thanks for the reply. I did something similar. I first created graphics using System.Drawing then I converted it to an image and I added that image using Document.Add(). But I would try your method too. –  Akshada Jul 1 '13 at 20:26

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