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I have a nested <div>:

<div id="international-map">
 <div id='a'>
    <a> link a1 </a>
    <a> link a2 </a>
    <a> link a3 </a>
  <div id='b'>
       <a> link b1 </a>
       <a> link b2 </a>

How can I get all the links under 'international-map'?

I tried two approaches and failed :(

  1. div= @driver.find_element(:id => 'international-map')
  2. e=@driver.find_elements(:xpath => "//div[@id='international-map']//div[@tag_name='a']")

thank you (even a C# and Java code helps)

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Okay! You can also use #css or #xpath as below:

@driver.find_elements(:css,"div#international-map a").map(&:text)
# => [" link a1 ", " link a2 ", " link a3 ", " link b1 ", " link b2 "]


@driver.find_elements(:xpath,"//div[@id = 'international-map']//a").map(&:text)
# => [" link a1 ", " link a2 ", " link a3 ", " link b1 ", " link b2 "]
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Is there some way to chain the find_element_* methods? I am trying to access a select element in a form so I want to do something like driver.find_element_by_tag_name("form").find_element_by_css_selector("number-of-‌​people") but I got an error. – user137717 Feb 28 at 19:21

The correct XPath expression is

//div[@id = 'international-map']//a/string()
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