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Here is my object class:

public class Address
    public final String line1;
    public final String town;
    public final String postcode;

    public Address(final String line1, final String town, final String postcode)
        this.line1 = line1;
        this.town = town;
        this.postcode = postcode;

I add it to the velocity context like this:

Address theAddress = new Address("123 Fake St", "Springfield", "SP123");
context.put("TheAddress", theAddress);

However, when writing the template, the following will not render the address fields (however, it works fine when I add getters to the Address class)


Is it possible to access public fields on objects from Velocity without adding getters?

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Not by default. You need to configure a different Uberspect implementation.

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Could you add any details such as link to documentation on how to do this or on why this is neccessary? –  Alex Spurling Jun 12 '13 at 16:08
It's necessary because Velocity doesn't support public fields. Try this out: maven-doccheck.sourceforge.net/samples/ShinobuDemo/apidocs/org/… –  Nathan Bubna Jun 12 '13 at 17:19

The Velocity user guide suggests it's not possible. Quote:

[Velocity] tries out different alternatives based on several established naming conventions. The exact lookup sequence depends on whether or not the property name starts with an upper-case letter. For lower-case names, such as $customer.address, the sequence is

  1. getaddress()
  2. getAddress()
  3. get("address")
  4. isAddress()

For upper-case property names like $customer.Address, it is slightly different:

  1. getAddress()
  2. getaddress()
  3. get("Address")
  4. isAddress()
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