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I've been wrestling with deform, sqlalchemy and colanderalchemy for a little while now and I'm having some trouble with populating select boxes.

Question 1

Is there a better way to do this:

value_type = Column(Enum('string','boolean','integer','float','reference','enum'),info={
                                        values = [


And how about this:

reference_cat_id = Column(Integer,ForeignKey(''),info={'colanderalchemy':{'widget':deform.widget.SelectWidget()}})

n = SQLAlchemySchemaNode(MyModel)
n.children[x].widget.values = [
                        for oCat in
                        if oCat.getType() == 'Base'
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1 Answer 1

The 2nd example may be more relevant if the 'n.children[x]' syntax could ever be overriden (not sure the x integer would be a good way to point to the right column when subclassing the whole script) and the column name passed instead.

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i.e. n['col_name'] – ting12 Dec 10 '13 at 17:28

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