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I need to be able to catch one type of error which can happen in lot of different pages/scripts and execute custom logic when this error happens. I planned to use

window.onerror = function (msg, url, line) {
    if ({{my specific error happened}}){
        {{do some custom work}};
        return true;
    //do nothing and let the browser notify the user of all the other errors

so somewhere I can do throw {{my specific error}} and catch it in window.onerror. I tried throw "Magic"; but then in window.onerror I get msg == "Uncaught Magic". Will this "Uncaught " part of msg always precede my thrown string? Can I rely on it to detect my specific error? Or is there some other mechanism to detect error type in window.onerror?
I only need it to work in Chromium.

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I realise I'm not helping at all... but "Uncaught Magic" is perhaps the funniest exception I've ever seen. :-) –  Alex Key Jun 12 '13 at 15:27

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Some browsers now pass the actual error object. Not sure which browsers support this. Here is said that Gecko 31 is required. No idea about chrome and others.

You can create a custom Error like:

Magic = function( message ) {
    this.name = 'Magic';
    this.message = message;
Magic.prototype = new Error();
Magic.prototype.constructor = Magic;

throw it somewhere:

throw new Magic('Kaboom');

and catch it in window.onerror like this:

window.onerror = function ( message, filename, lineno, colno, error ){
    if ( error !== undefined && error.hasOwnProperty( "name" ) && error.name == "Magic"){
        alert("some uncaught magic caused: "  + message +" - in "+filename +"("+lineno+")" );
        return true;

check the fiddle**

you could also check if message contains "Magic", but then you might accidently catch other errors containing "Magic".

ps: sorry for necro, I stumbled over this searching for the same.. so I thought I might as well add an answer..

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