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I'm trying to find a way to specify exactly the location of the view for a viewmodel exactly. I have a collection of viewModels, all with a common ancestor.

I want them all to use the same view, which itself will build the page up using dynamic composition.


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Checkout Durandal's View Locator documentation at http://durandaljs.com/documentation/View-Locator/

If I understand your requirements correctly than adding either a getView() function or a viewUrl property to the vms should do the job.

getView() example (doing the opposite from what you want by adding multiple views per vm, but you get the point).


var getView = ko.computed(function(){
    var roleViewMap = {
      'default': 'viewComposition/getView/index.html',
      role1: 'viewComposition/getView/role1.html',
      role2: 'viewComposition/getView/role2.html'

    this.role = (role() || 'default');

    return roleViewMap[this.role];

viewUrl example


function viewUrl(){
 this.role = (role() || 'default');

     var roleViewMap = {
       'default': 'samples/viewComposition/SO16483013/index.html',
       role1: 'samples/viewComposition/SO16483013/role1.html',
       role2: 'samples/viewComposition/SO16483013/role2.html'

     return roleViewMap[this.role];
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I've looked at that page a few times today - didn't see it there until now. It works exactly how I wanted it to, Thankyou! –  Hayden Crocker Jun 12 '13 at 16:29

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