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Hi I have a table(PERSON) that contain file names ammu.docx, gopu.ammu.docx, veena.docx, maya.ammu.docx etc...

I would like to get the count of file having multiple periods. Here (gopu.ammu.docx, maya.ammu.docx) is 2.

Please help me to do this in SQL.

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3 Answers

You can remove the periods and look at the change in length;

select *
from t
where len(f) - len(replace(f, '.', '')) > 1


where f like '%.%.%'
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Use this

   LEN(FileNameColumn) >= LEN(REPLACE(FileNameColumn, '.', '')+2
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    LEN(REPLACE(ColumnName, '.', '')) as NumberOfDots,
    COUNT (*)
WHERE NumberOfDots > 1

Not 100% about syntax as its untested but this should be there or there abouts.

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