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The Fql is (filter by name easy for you to see all of them at a glance):

SELECT id,name,pic_square FROM profile WHERE id IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=me()) and name='Facebook User'


enter image description here

It's frustrating if my app show all of this non-existed/confusing name to my app user. The user id even cannot be access via**D. The pic_square also is a facebook default profile picture. Of course, what i can do now is filter by **name!='Facebook User', but i really wonder why l have to do this extra filter?

Originally i wonder they are the user who has been removed/deactivated cached user. So i try to deactivated/or turn platform off a user to test, the user wouldn't appear as "Facebook User", he just doesn't appear at all. So the cause shouldn't related to privacy setting or account removed.

Also, i noticed the "Facebook User" issues long time ago, so there's no reason it's related to the cache.

This user ids wouldn't include via It just happen on FQL friend table.

I'm not sure it's a bug or not, may be i miss some conceptual about the friend table, so i ask the question here. The stranger name "Facebook User" return from FQL friend table, whom is them?

Thanks in advance.

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this seems to be a bug, I filed it for you at

you can subscribe to follow it.

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