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I want to integrate PayPal Direct Payment for a client ouside US, and the requirements are as follows:

  1. Accept international payments.
  2. Charges the customers every month automatically, without user interaction, with different amount based on user activity (system internal calculations).
  3. I don't want to store any sensitive data like credit card details anywhere.

My solution up until now:

After user registration, I ask for credit card and charge it with 1$ using DoDirectPayment method from the Classic API. The only thing that I save after the transaction completes is the PayPal transaction id so when the automated charge time comes I can call DoReferenceTransaction with the stored transaction id and the price that I calculated -1$ that I got initially. If the customer needs to change the credit card details, I will present him with the same form as above, and do the same (charge 1$, overwrite PayPal transaction id, extract 1$ from next payment)

The problem:

I noticed on PayPal site and also in the developer portal a note that if I offer direct payment I should integrate also express checkout. I started to investigate the express checkout related API functions but I can’t find a way to do automated charges, because the workflow requires user interaction (redirect to PayPal, login with PayPal account etc.). I noticed that there is recurring payments option, but it requires period and amount. I can probably make the period very long, but I can’t change the amount which can vary much from one month to another.

The question:

Does somebody knows a better way of doing this, so I can skip the $1 charge when adding/changing credit card. I want to play fair and put the express checkout but i don't think that it will work in this case so I wonder what will happen if go only with direct payments.


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You can use reference transactions with Express Checkout as well. The buyer would just have to go through the flow of logging in and agreeing to the billing agreement the first time. Then when you want to charge the buyer again, you can use reference transaction. However keep in mind that unlike reference transactions where the buyer uses a credit card, with a buyer using express checkout you are restricted in the amount that you can increase the charge by.

Also if you are using Website Payments Pro, you do not have to integrate Express Checkout. However, by doing so you can be subject to a higher transaction fee. Allowing buyers the option of using Express Checkout leads to an increase in sales and gives the buyers another option for making a payment.

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