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Is there a way to prevent the Eclipse Java formatter from splitting certain lines?

For example:

some_method(foo, bar); i++;

The formatter changes this into:

some_method(foo, bar);

I want to avoid that, only in this line of code.

What I'm looking for is the opposite of the trick that prevents joining lines:

some_method(foo, //

This will stay in two lines after formatting.

I'm looking for a solution without changing the formatter settings. Just by writing some hacks, hints or whatever in the single line I want to preserve. I need this only at some few point in the code, so general formatter changes would not be appropriate anyway.

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The formatter in Eclipse is an all-or-nothing deal. And if it has a rule that there should be a newline after every semi-colon, then running your code through the formatter will always break those lines up. I'm not aware of a formatter-only type of comment or annotation that would cause it to just skip the annotated line. –  Snapman Jun 12 '13 at 20:43
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