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I am developing a webpage with a select option that does not use the native-menu.

When you load the page

When the screen is large enough, and you click the select option, the pop up appears like so:

enter image description here

However, when you pull up the console (F12 in Chrome) or some mobile devices, and click the select option, the pop up goes modal (fullscreen)

enter image description here

QUESTION What are the events that are called when each is closed (in both the 2nd and 3rd picture posted above)? I have a gut feeling it is not the same..

Might one be


Below is the code for the select tag I have, as well as some options. This is all contained in a form..

<form name="form_header" id="form_header" data-id="form_header">

<select name="select_menu" id="select_menu" form="form_header" multiple="multiple" data-native-menu="false"data-rel="dialog" data-placeholder="true" placeholder="student_id">
    <option>Search By:</option>
    <option for="form_header" id="1" data-num="1" value="student_id">Student ID</option>
    <option for="form_header" id="2" data-num="2" value="parking_permit">Parking Permit</option>
    <option for="form_header" id="3" data-num="3" value="license_plate">License Plate</option>
    <option for="form_header" id="4" data-num="4" value="first_name">First Name</option>
    <option for="form_header" id="5" data-num="5" value="last_name">Last Name</option>
                    <!--Add more options here if need be-->
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