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I have some views in SQL server manager, and I want to see which tables are being used to supply the data to the view. How do I do this?

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Right click > Script View as > Alter to > New Query Editor Window Look at your tables –  Brad Jun 12 '13 at 16:39

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Right click the view in SQL Server Management Studio.

You can either click Design, which will give you a depiction of the tables, or Script View as ( Create/Alter) , which will open up the SQL used to produce the view.

First one is probably easiest.

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In SSMS right click on VIEW and select View Dependencies

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In MS SQL Server Right Click on the view and choose Design...

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Try this:

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This query should work:

SELECT view_name, Table_Name
WHERE View_Name = 'view name'
ORDER BY view_name, table_name

The clicking around answers work fine, but I prefer to query things like this.

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