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The script I have works for previous versions of DOORS, but breaks for DOORS 9.5. Specifically when I'm trying to create a new module by using:

create(string name, string desc, int mapping [,bool display])

This is the error I'm receiving:

create module failed: No access to create item

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I believe you are missing a variable in there,

create(string name, string desc, string prefix, int absno [,bool display])

I am using but I think it's the same for 9.5. Also I would double check that you have write access to the folder you are in and that you are not using the name of a module that already exists (deleted modules count). Try F5 to refresh and make sure one didn't get created already.

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Actually when I just ran your command in a test environment, it created a link module. My guess is you don't have access to the folder you are in. Also if you are not trying to create a link module I think you need the extra variable for prefix (but you can leave it blank with ""). –  Steve Valliere Jun 12 '13 at 18:41

When I run the following code in DOORS v9.5,

Module lnkmod = create("Link Module", "This is a link module.", manyToMany, true)

it works and I get a new link module. Your error points to an access rights problem, as Steve suggested.

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