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I'm using spring-data-mongodb:1.2.0.RELEASE and QueryDSL:2.9.0.

I have a class as follow:

@Document(collection = "A")
public class A {
public BigInteger id;

And a repository as follow:

public interface ARepository extends MongoRepository<A, BigInteger>, QueryDslPredicateExecutor<A>     

When I'm querying me repository as follow:

All is fine, I can see in the mongo db log the next query:

query db.A query: { _id: ObjectId('51b8a1dfea34feab29624713') }

But when I'm quering with an array of identifiers,

I get nothing. I can see that the query is:

    command db.$cmd command: { count: "A", query: { _id: { $in: [    "25291516816863698974474381015",      "25291516816863698974474381015" ] } } }

Which is not using the ObjectId wraping. So, is it a bug?

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I am not sure if this is a Querydsl bug, since Querydsl also doesn't do any wrapping of the argument for _id eq something. – Timo Westkämper Jun 12 '13 at 17:34
Yes i have got the same problem probably bug in querydsl – Łukasz Woźniczka Dec 31 '13 at 7:59

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