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In GNU EMACS 24.3, I use recentf to show the recently opened files. I would like to keep certain makefiles so that I do not have to type the whole path whenever I want to switch projects.

Is it possible to make certain files sticky or persistent in the list ?

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This is not exactly answering your question, but I think it would serve the same purpose. I bookmark the files I'm using most often.

You can read more about it here:

but in a nutshell: C-x r m bookmarks the currently open file (works on dired buffers too). C-x r b loads the bookmarked file with word completion.

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Set the length of the recent files list to a high number. For example:

(setq recentf-max-saved-items 1000)

This way the makefiles won't drop out from the list if you visit them regularly. Also it is useful to keep a long recentf list and use a package which allows you to open files from it with completion. Here you can find some ways to do that:

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