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I am using the seleniumIDE

I want a Test Case to go to another location based on a condition (note: the condition part is why I am using javascript and using the if-then plugin is not an option for now). I have found that even javascript{window.location.replace('http://google.com') } closes my seleniumIDE window and replaces it with google but doesn't affect the actual window where the tests themselves were running. I've replaced the condition itself with 1==1 i.e. true. to be simple

Right now I have:

Command  store
Target   javascript{if (1==1) {location="dmstaffing-stage.herokuapp.com/users/sign_out"}}
Value    ignore_me

The problem right now is that this is closing the the seleniumIDE itself and opening a new window.

How can I change the URL location of the window where tests are running


  • this.location.href gave an unexpected Exception
  • document.location.href closed my selenium window and then opened a new window and visited the logout page (but original page in original window still logged in)
  • location.href also closes my selenium window and open a new window with the logout action
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Is it necessary to use javascript to perform this operation? –  me_digvijay Jun 12 '13 at 18:18
Yes it is due to the conditional and because I don't want to use the if-then plugin as I will be exporting the test cases to rspec. –  Michael Durrant Jun 12 '13 at 18:27
Did you try window.location.replace("http://stackoverflow.com"); –  me_digvijay Jun 12 '13 at 18:45
Yes but unfortunately that is acting on my seleniumIDE window, Not the window where the tests are running which remains open and logged in. –  Michael Durrant Jun 12 '13 at 19:37

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It can be done, but some magic is required. Use this.browserbot.openLocation in the target. e.g. this.browserbot.openLocation('http://blog.reallysimplethoughts.com/');

Command  storeEval
Target   this.browserbot.openLocation('http://blog.reallysimplethoughts.com/');
Value    ignore_me

You might want to check out Sel Blocks v1.3.1 and use the if/else around a normal open command.

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