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I would like to have several logos in my application that are recognized as markers and trigger some sort of event, unique per logo. From time to time I want to update these logos/markers. I don't want to use metaio cloud, I want to somehow make the app call a webservice from my server application and download new markers/logos.

Is this possible? can you point me in the right direction as far as data formats etc..

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It should still be possible to draw content from your own private FTP. Something along these lines:

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yes,it is possible

1)by webservice u can download images(give same name to images which u define in your assets,on webserver) -and download this images in your assets folder like File SDCardRoot = context.getFilesDir().getPath() + "/Assets1";

and in main activity write like this AssetsManager.extractAllAssets(getApplicationContext(), false);

make flag false so previous images not overloaded,and it will keep ur download images

2)after download complete u need again to load trackingconfig

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