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I have added humanized-money-accessors as described here: Decimals and commas when entering a number into a Ruby on Rails form

Now I have two attributes in my model for the same type of data: the original version and the human-readable version. The problem: Since I am using activerecord-translation-yml-files, I have to put in the same translation for original attribute and the humanized_attribute, because my forms show the name of thie humanized_attribute, but on validation errors, the name of the original attribute is shown.

Is it possible to add translations dynamically? This way I could add the translation for the humanized-version of the field when the humanized_accessor-class-method is called, getting the original translation string from the yml file, instead of writing both of them (with the same value) into the yml-file, just to have more DRY.

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You might want to check out globalize3 gem. You have railscast tutorial http://railscasts.com/episodes/338-globalize3?view=asciicast.

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