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The first time i click the Button everything is bound correct. But when i click the button a second time all the old values are still bound to my view? How can i reapply new bindings to my breeze.js viewmodel?


var manager = new breeze.EntityManager('/breeze/corporations');

$("#myButton").click(function () {

    var query = breeze.EntityQuery.from("Corporations").where("Name", "startsWith", "Zen");


    function querySucceeded(data) {
        var ib = $("#infoBox")[0];
        ko.applyBindings(data, ib);


<div id="infoBox""> 
    <ul data-bind="foreach: results">
            <strong><span data-bind="text:City"></span></strong>
            <span data-bind="text:Name"></span>     
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You should not reapply bindings. You should update only data. You should not apply bindings multiple times to the same DOM elements.

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ok, thanks. i simply added a variable isapplied and checked for it's status – zoidbergi Jun 12 '13 at 18:35
edit: view still isn't updated. same problem here:… – zoidbergi Jun 17 '13 at 15:04

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