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So I'm trying to sort a list by its value when computed with a reporter procedure I created. Here is the code:

globals [ goal Smin Smax distWeight colorWeight ]
turtles-own [ S Ac ]

to setup
  set Smin 2
  set Smax 6
  set distWeight 2
  set colorWeight 3

  ask n-of n patches [
    sprout 1 [ 
      set color one-of [ red blue ] 
      set heading one-of [ 90 270 ]
      set S []


to go
  ask turtles [

    foreach sort other turtles [
      ask ? [
        if Smin < Sim myself ? [
          if Sim myself ? < Smax [
            set S lput ? S

    ;how do I do this? this does not work
    set Ac max-one-of S [Sim myself ?]


to-report Sim [Ame Ao]
  report (Sfcolor Ame Ao * colorWeight) + (Sfdistance Ame Ao * distWeight)

to-report Sfcolor [Ame Ao]
  ifelse [color] of Ame = [color] of Ao 
  [ report 1 ]
  [ report 0 ]

to-report Sfdistance [Ame Ao]
  report 1 / euclidean-distance [xcor] of Ame [ycor] of Ame [xcor] of Ao [ycor] of Ao 

to-report euclidean-distance [x y x1 y1]
  report sqrt ((x1 - x) ^ 2  + (y1 - y) ^ 2)

to-report Gain [ SimVal ]
  report ( Smax - Smin ) / Smax - SimVal

Now I want a variable named Ac to contain the turtle that is an element of S that has the highest value of Sim. I'm trying to do this by

set Ac max-one-of S [Sim myself ?]

but it doesn't work.

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Gannicus, I think you'll get help more quickly if (a) you explain in what sense it doesn't work, and (b) you take out everything out of the code that doesn't matter to the problem, and create a "minimum working example" that illustrates the problem. You may figure out the answer on your own when you do that, but if not it will be easier for people to help. Most people don't want to read through a lot of code that's not really relevant to the problem that another programmer is experiencing. – Mars Jun 14 '13 at 3:48

It would help if you said exactly why it didn't work.

But for starters, that statement is outside of the foreach loop, so ? won't mean anything.

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