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Could you guys please help me.

I am looking at designing a web application architecture. The application searches various hotels(Inventory DB at our end) via different vendors and would show up similar properties around and details about the property chosen. Once i select a property, i go ahead book it directly on hotel site.

The application would heavily interact with the DATABASE : I am planning to use EF 5.0 here The application would interacting with couple of APIs from service providers to get best rates for that hotel

Would MVC Plug-gable Architecture prove any good here ? The idea is to build an application which can meet the future needs of customers in an incremental manner.

How can i have my presentational layer, BL, DL, Service Layer stacked up to make it work perfect ?

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Unfortunately your question is quite broad-

You can essentially utilize a large quantity of Architecture Patterns and Techniques. They all can accomplish a solution to a given problem. The real question shouldn't be what to use because the scope is too general, non specific.

Without real context or knowledge of the project or company that your developing this application for becomes, irrelevant. Individually each methodology works quite well- But what makes another methodology superior to another is the implementation requirements.

An Architecture is not a cookie cutter approach, it is an outline to help solve real problems within the implementation. Any pattern should be used when you encounter a problem that requires such a solution-

  1. Determine what is important to the company / project. Make sure it meets the critical aspects of their business to ensure a longer life cycle.

  2. Write out a UML Diagram to quickly anticipate early issues and goals.

  3. Build your project based on business needs.

  4. If a problem arises that requires a pattern then implement it.

Microsoft has an online book based on Enterprise Architecture, Google should bring it up. Which can help you become more familiar-

An application should be looked at like water. Each molecule has a distinction or function. But once they come together it becomes solidified and works in one constant stream of ease. That is the goal of an application. Architecture and Patterns are just solutions to help achieve such a goal.

Hopefully that helps, but we do not know the project in enough detail to truly advise you on such an approach-

      Ask not the Elves for counsel, as they will both say yes and no.
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