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I have a set of .xml files in a folder "model" with stuff like:

   <property name="manager"
          column="manager" />
    <property name="age"
          column="age" />

And a java mapping file with stuff like:

class ClassName()
    int age;
    int getAge();
    setAge(int age); 

I basically need to remove ALL occurrences of int and Integer with long.

Is there a waylike a unix command or script that I can do that? I'm using RHEL5.

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Most text editors have a find and replace for files in folders. Notepad++ can do this. superuser.com/questions/96148/how-to-use-notepad-on-redhat Does that help ? I cant remember ifyou can write a grep with some regular expressions that will find and replace. –  happybuddha Jun 12 '13 at 19:02
Use Ctrl + H, in notepad find type="integer" replace type="long" –  Kauê Gimenes Jun 12 '13 at 19:05
Can I write it across all files in all folders? –  gran_profaci Jun 12 '13 at 19:47

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find . -type f \( -name '*.xml' -o -name '*.java' \) \
  -exec sed -ri.back 's/\<int(eger)?\>/long/g' {} +

Or if you want to only process the files that do contain the string:

find . -type f \( -name '*.xml' -o -name '*.java' \) \
  -exec grep -ilZE '\<int(eger)\>' {} + |
  xargs -r0 sed -ri.back 's/\<int(eger)?\>/long/g'

Note that the above sed, xargs and grep commands use non standard extensions but would work with the GNU variants as found on Linux distributions including RHEL5.

The .back after -i is to save a backup copy of the original file and can be omitted if you don't need it.

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