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I try to load simple JSON object from static json file, but fetch is triggering error handler.

            error: function(){ 

Then arguments[1].state is 200 and request looks good.

This model is

defaults: {
  title: "no title loaded",
  body : "no body loaded",
  parm1 : "no parm 1",
  parm2 : "no parm 2"
url : 'api/data.json'


title: "My New Demo", 
    body: "This is my first demo text!"

Where can i find error details ?

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JSON keys must be quoted.

    "title": "My New Demo", 
    "body": "This is my first demo text!"
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LOL, sometimes it is realy hard :O) ... Tnx! I wonder that it does not trigger parse error or something like that. – Stephan Ahlf Jun 12 '13 at 19:35

Make sure that your server is using 'application/json' as the mimeType. Backbone uses $.ajax under the covers and it might not understand the .json file.

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