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The following code is from TPM emulator from Mario Strasser. The spec says,

PCR := SHA1(PCR || data) 

reads "concatenate the old value of PCR with the data, hash the concatenated string and store the hash in PCR". It's not PCR := PCR BITWISE-OR SHA1(data) nor PCR := SHA1(PCR BITWISE-OR data)

                      TPM_PCRVALUE *outDigest)
  tpm_sha1_ctx_t ctx;

  if (pcrNum >= TPM_NUM_PCR) return TPM_BADINDEX;
  if (!(PCR_ATTRIB[pcrNum].pcrExtendLocal & (1 << LOCALITY))) return TPM_BAD_LOCALITY;
  /* compute new PCR value as SHA-1(old PCR value || inDigest) */
  tpm_sha1_update(&ctx, PCR_VALUE[pcrNum].digest, sizeof(PCR_VALUE[pcrNum].digest));
  tpm_sha1_update(&ctx, inDigest->digest, sizeof(inDigest->digest));
  tpm_sha1_final(&ctx, PCR_VALUE[pcrNum].digest);  
  /* set output digest */
  if (tpmData.permanent.flags.disable) {
    memset(outDigest->digest, 0, sizeof(*outDigest->digest));
  } else {
    memcpy(outDigest, &PCR_VALUE[pcrNum], sizeof(TPM_PCRVALUE));
  return TPM_SUCCESS;
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AFAIK, yes. See my comment in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1706999/perform-or-on-two-hash-outputs-of-sha1sum

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honestly I dont know what internal hash state means. So basically what I wanted to do in stackoverflow.com/questions/1706999/… was incorrect. Thanks for pointing –  idazuwaika Nov 10 '09 at 11:55

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