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I want to render simple static page with a data which is get from a remote api. For example I want to render a page with weather cast which I get from an external service. But it's doesn't work.

Template.myStaticPage.content = function(){
 Meteor.http('GET', 'http://someurl.com/api/weather', function(err, res){
   if(res){return res};

So, on a page is displayed nothing. How to pass a data to template without any reactive contexts like a mongo collections or sessions?

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Relay the data with Session: http://docs.meteor.com/#session

Template.myStaticPage.content = function(){
    return Session.get("weather");

//Will run when the template is created
Template.myStaticPage.created = function() {
    Meteor.http('GET', 'http://someurl.com/api/weather', function(err, res){
        if(res){Session.set("weather", res);};

You need to be careful with callbacks in javascript, when you use a callback the return statement isn't passed to the original function because the callback makes it async

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