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class FollowerEmail(models.Model):
    report = models.ForeignKey(Report)
    email = models.CharField('Email', max_length=100)

def what(request):

    follower = FollowerEmail.objects.filter(report=report)
    for email in follower:
     if 'send_email' in request.POST:
            subject, from_email, to = 'Notification',, person.parent_email
            html_content = render_to_string('report/print.html',{'person':person,
            text_content = strip_tags(html_content) 
            msg = EmailMultiAlternatives(subject, text_content, from_email, [to],bcc=[list], cc=[''])
            msg.attach_alternative(html_content, "text/html")

The above is my to send email,email is sending to "to" address properlly.Problem is with bcc tag.I am taking the email from FollowerEmail table and making a list.I am passing that list to bcc,as bcc email id list would be large,will be more than 3.

If list is having more than 2 email id,application is not sending mail,if it is two or one,application is sending mail.What could be the problem


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You have a typo.

for email in follower:

At this point list is already a Python list (you should probably rename this variable because this is confusing and not a good practice).

Then you use it as:

EmailMultiAlternatives(..., bcc=[list], ...)

And that is where is a typo. You are passing a list with a list item whereas you should be passing just a list of strings:

EmailMultiAlternatives(..., bcc=list, ...)
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,it is working....Thanks – Monk L Jun 13 '13 at 1:47

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