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I was messing around with multithreading earlier today, trying things, messing up, fixing them, etc. One of the exceptions thrown was at app.Run() and I didn't know if it was essential or not (now I do), so I put a Try/Catch around it to stop it from grinding to a halt every time.

Several hours later, I'm back to normal work, but I have an error and it is still acting like there's a Try/Catch around app.Run(). The problem is now I can't find app.Run().

Where is/can I modify the file that includes the auto generated partial Main (I think it ended in g.i.vb)?

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You can delete the bin, obj, and Generated_Code folders, close VS and reopen and they will be re-built. See if that solves it. Don't mess with your designer files. Always save a copy or two of your projects then you can always revert back to the save one, and save often.

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Is Generated_Code the same as My Project? I just want to be sure before messing anything up more. And yeah your last few lines are good advice. I just sometimes get careless because my hard drive is archived every six hours :) –  Z_AHK Jun 12 '13 at 20:10
I found the g.i.vb and g.vb files in my projects obj folder (in Windows Explorer), but rather than try and modify them more, I just deleted obj and it gave me my regular exceptions back! Thanks, I looked everywhere for that simple bit of information. –  Z_AHK Jun 12 '13 at 20:23
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