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I'm looking to know is it possible to move / merge messages from one queue to another. For example:

main-queue contains messages ['cat-1','cat-2','cat-3','cat-4','dog-1','dog-2','cat-5']

dog-queue contains messages ['dog-1, dog-2, dog-3, dog-4]

So the question is, (assuming both queues are on the same cluster, vhost) it possible to move messages from dog-queue to main-queue using rabbitmqctl ?

So at the end I'm looking to get something like:


main-queue : ['cat-1','cat-2','cat-3','cat-4','dog-1','dog-2','cat-5', dog-3, dog-4]

But this is ok too:

main-queue : ['cat-1','cat-2','cat-3','cat-4','dog-1','dog-2','cat-5', 'dog-1, dog-2, dog-3, dog-4]

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I think you might need to look in to topic exchanges –  robthewolf Jun 13 '13 at 6:28

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What you are/were looking for is the 'shovel' plugin. The shovel plugin comes built into the core but you have to explicitly enable it. It's really easy to use as it does everything for you (no manually consuming/republishing to another queue).

Enable shovel plugin via cli:

sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_shovel

If you manage RabbitMQ via GUI, install the shovel mgmt plugin too:

sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_shovel_management

Login to the GUI and you will see Shovel Management under the Admin section. You can create shovels to move messages from any queue to another queue, even remotely hosted queues. You can delete the shovel when it's finished, or leave it there and it'll continually move the messages as they come in.

NOTE: you should have already installed the rabbitmq_management plugin on all nodes in your cluster prior to taking these actions

If you manage RabbitMQ via CLI, you can execute shovel directly from rabbitmqctl:

sudo rabbitmqctl set_parameter shovel cats-and-dogs \
'{"src-uri": "amqp://user:pass@host/vhost", "src-queue": "dog-queue", \
"dest-uri": "amqp://user:pass@host/vhost", "dest-queue": "main-queue"}'

Official plugin docs:

Shovel Plugin - https://www.rabbitmq.com/shovel.html
Creating Shovels - https://www.rabbitmq.com/shovel-dynamic.html

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Thanks a lot,that’s great! –  Vor Nov 8 at 15:41
That's right. I didn't noted that it possible via shovels. Thanks for providing correct answer and sorry for incorrect answer. –  zaq178miami Nov 10 at 21:57
Note, you don't have to enable shovel plugin on every machine, while you can set it up even on some remote machine and have both source and destination also remote servers. –  zaq178miami Nov 10 at 22:03
@rocksfrow, installed rabbitmq_management on all nodes is not a must. –  zaq178miami Nov 10 at 22:05

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