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I'm looking to know is it possible to move / merge messages from one queue to another. For example:

main-queue contains messages ['cat-1','cat-2','cat-3','cat-4','dog-1','dog-2','cat-5']

dog-queue contains messages ['dog-1, dog-2, dog-3, dog-4]

So the question is, (assuming both queues are on the same cluster, vhost) it possible to move messages from dog-queue to main-queue using rabbitmqctl ?

So at the end I'm looking to get something like:


main-queue : ['cat-1','cat-2','cat-3','cat-4','dog-1','dog-2','cat-5', dog-3, dog-4]

But this is ok too:

main-queue : ['cat-1','cat-2','cat-3','cat-4','dog-1','dog-2','cat-5', 'dog-1, dog-2, dog-3, dog-4]

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I think you might need to look in to topic exchanges –  robthewolf Jun 13 '13 at 6:28

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With rabbitmqctl - no you can't, but you can consume messages from both queues or use additional consumer for dog-queue which take all message from it and put them into main-queue.

P.S. you may look on PyRabbit which is a "module to make it easy to interface w/ RabbitMQ’s HTTP Management API". It doesn't solve your problem, but if you are managing RabbitMQ server you can find it useful.

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