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Mysteriously. The past days the functionality of my application has been declining. First I started getting errors when modifying playlists. Now the JavaScript API got bricked.

It's my homebrewed YouTube player: You-Fi (I've been at the web console for the past hours)

(You might want to see the function I use to get the player from their servers.)

As of a few hours ago it stopped working completely. It seems Google is doing changes or the browser security on cross page interchange has been tightened. And I can't seem to find ANY news on this.

It seems that the player object instance that the new YT.Player() constructor supplies, has completely changed. It's like it's been minified or something. The documentation doesn't seem to have noticed the changes...

I'm completely at a loss here. What's going on?

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It is a mistake from YouTube. Some information is in Issue 4706: iframe API: onStateChange not firing.

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I don't even know if this is it. But it fits! THNX!!!"The engineering team has identified an issue" YEAAAAA! "Get that engineer out of here!!" –  CyberFox Jun 12 '13 at 21:27

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