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Does anybody know what the command to release a VideoWriter object in python is?

In my code I import the following:

import cv2
import as cv

The documentation I can find does not say how to release the videoObject using cv2 or python at all. That is the documentation for OpenCV

I've tried


and other random combinations using cv2 and cv. Nothing seems to work.


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May be it is released automatically when you exit the program. –  Abid Rahman K Jun 13 '13 at 5:08

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I compiled OpenCV 2.4.5 from its source in Fedora, and it does have a release function. Please see my IPython session which demonstrates this feature.

In [22]: out = cv2.VideoWriter('out.avi',*'MJPG'), 30.0, (100, 100), False)

In [23]: out.isOpened()
Out[23]: True

In [24]: out.    # Press `Tab`, Just checking available methods, see release is there
out.avi       out.isOpened      out.release   out.write     

In [24]: out.release()

In [25]: out.isOpened()
Out[25]: False

So please check your version.

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When I type "out." and then press the Tab key, out.release isn't an available method. –  Rafael_Espericueta Jan 24 at 0:01
which version do you use? –  Abid Rahman K Jan 25 at 4:35

This worked for me:

videoWriter = None

Source: "OpenCV Computer Vision with Python, by Joseph Howse", chapter 2.

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