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I want to create 27 histograms of the variable "billed" (numeric, x-axis) for each level of a factor variable "zip" (y-axis is "count"). "zip" has 27 levels.

Is there a way to display 27 histograms on one graph (3X9), no over-laid?

I tried this using ggplot2:


The new problem is all these histograms have the same scale. But my data's y-axis/x-axis vary a lot among different zips. Is there a way to create these histograms based on their own scales?

I don't mind using regular r function if this could also be realized by hist(), since the aesthetic features in ggplot2 are not useful for my case.

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facet_wrap(~zip,ncol=9, scales="free")? – baptiste Jun 12 '13 at 22:58
@baptiste Yes, exactly. – kostia Jun 12 '13 at 23:10

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histogram( ~ billed | zip , data=dat, 
           layout=c(3,9) , scales= list(y=list(relation="free"),
                                        x=list(relation="free") ) )

 #worked example from ?histogram page:
 histogram( ~ height | voice.part, data = singer, 
            layout = c(2,4), scales=list(y=list(relation="free"),
                                         x=list(relation="free") ) )
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