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I'm building Android 4.2.1 from AOSP targetting a Pandaboard ES, and I have to change the physical display resolution from 1920x1080 to 800x600 on the HDMI output.

I tried to append omapfb.mode=hdmi:800x600@60, omapfb.mode=800x600@60, or video=omapfb:mode:800x600@60 to the CONFIG_CMDLINE of the .config generated by make panda_defconfig from OMAP kernel sources, but at each time adb doesn't seem to recognize the device anymore, and it disappears from "lsusb" command right after the boot.

Thank you.

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Try to look for ro.sf.lcd_density in /system/build.prop

adb pull /system/build.prop
adb push build.prop /sdcard

then replace it carefully with root access on the board

See LCD density explained to chose the appropriate value.

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The problem is I need to change the physical resolution of the hdmi display (from 1920*1080), and I can't just scale the dip with a 2.4 factor (otherwise I'll end up with 800*450 instead of 800*600). Moreover, of what I've read, the dip property affects the aspect of what is rendered and not the physical resolution, and I really need to change the physical resolution because of a feature activated only at 800x600 resolution in my custom kernel. –  Phef Jun 13 '13 at 8:47

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