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I developed a Excel add-on so that users can insert some numbers from server to their worksheets. Now I am trying to format cells with inserted data.
Because my users belong to various countries, the add-on should format based on their culture.

  • Some use period as decimal separator, some use comma.
  • Some use comma as thousand separator, some use blank or period.
  • Some use fraction currency, some not.

Now I use NumberFormatInfo class and generate NumberFormat string manually. Here is the code:

    NumberFormatInfo nfi = NumberFormatInfo.CurrentInfo;
    StringBuilder sbFormat = new StringBuilder();
    if (nfi.CurrencyGroupSeparator == "?")
        sbFormat.Append(" ");
    if (nfi.CurrencyDecimalDigits > 0)
        sbFormat.Append(new string('0', nfi.CurrencyDecimalDigits));
    cell.NumberFormat = sbFormat.ToString();

I have no idea this code covers all patterns or not. Hoping to use something that Excel provides as default, but I could not find that.

Any idea?


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