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I'm not following how the environment variable $NLSPATH value is being cleared/reset when running gmake. In my bash shell, if I issue echo $NLSPATH, I see the expected /usr/lib/nls/msg/%L/%N: (etc).

I then create a Makefile like this:

    echo $$NLSPATH
    echo $$PATH

And running gmake all gives me


echo $PATH
/usr/bin:/etc:(etc as expected)

I also tried -e with the same result;

gmake -e all

echo $PATH
/usr/bin:/etc:(etc as expected)

I've looked at /etc/environment and /etc/.profile and $NLSPATH is set correctly there.

Also if I run the standard AIX make, the NLSPATH is shown as expected. So this seems to be gmake and/or the way it invokes the current shell.

Could someone suggest where I should be looking ? [EDIT] As I'm new, I can't hit answer right away... Finally found it - The following technote describes it (albeit briefly) as a security limitation;



cd /opt/freeware/bin 
sudo chmod -s make

solves this issue for me although I'm left wondering there is some aspect of gmake that may later expect the setuid flag.

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IIRC GNU make on AIX needs the setgid flag in order to enable the -l flag, because on this OS you can't retrieve the load average of the system as a normal user (no idea why that is considered more of a security issue than having any program that needs to check the load average be setgid, but... no one asked me).

As long as you don't use -l when running GNU make, you won't have any problem.

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