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I have the next code in a partial _form of my view:

<%= f.label :logo %><br />
<% if f.object.new_record? %>
  <%= f.file_field :logo %>
<% elsif %>
  <%= link_to image_tag(f.object.logo.url(:thumb)), f.object.logo.url(:original) %>
  <%= f.check_box %>
<% end %>

Im try to delete the object.logo if i select the checkbox and press the edit button. Im do it with Nested items, but this is a simple paperclip implementations.

any help is welcome, thank you.

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You can do domething like this:

In the model:

accepts_nested_attributes_for :logos, :allow_destroy => true

In the form

if !f.object.logo_file_name.blank?
  f.input :_destroy, :as => :boolean, :label => "Delete?"

Hope this help

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Today i get the solution to this issue:

In the brand model:

attr_accessible :description, :title, :logo, :delete_logo

#delete existing logo from edit view with checkbox.
attr_accessor :delete_logo
before_validation { logo.clear if delete_logo == '1' }

In the brand view _form:

<% if @brand.logo? %>
  <%= link_to image_tag(f.object.logo.url(:thumb)), f.object.logo.url(:original) %>
  <%= f.check_box(:delete_logo) %>
<% else %>
  <%= f.file_field :logo %>
<% end %> 

Works for me.

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