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I have an application with a view that contains table views of various models in separate windows. When I add a table sub view to the main view, certain connections are made from the view to subview. the first time I create a table subview, the connections are established and all works as it is intended. However, if I close the subview pane and open it again, the connections are not re-established. The code is executed, but no connections actually appear to occur. I presume this has to do with the improper deletion of the subview that was previously closed.

I implemented closeEvent() in the subview class and called deleteLater() from within. Don't know if that's kosher to call deleteLater from within the same object, but it did trigger the object's destructor. I also called disconnect(this); inside closeEvent(), but to no avail.

The only other thing is that main view is not assigned as the parent of the sub view. Fixing that appears to be problematic. Is it necessary?

    SubView *sview = mSubViewFactory.makeSubView (id, *mDocument);
    mSubViewWindow.addDockWidget (Qt::TopDockWidgetArea, sview);

    connect (sview, SIGNAL (focusId (const CSMWorld::UniversalId&)), this,
    SLOT (addSubView (const CSMWorld::UniversalId&)));

    connect (this, SIGNAL (signalUpdateEditorSetting (const QString &, const QString &)),
         sview, SIGNAL (signalUpdateEditorSetting (const QString&, const QString &)) );

    connect (this, SIGNAL (signalUpdateEditorSetting (const QString &, const QString &)),
         sview, SLOT (slotTest (const QString &, const QString &)));


The code above is the code which creates the connections between the main view and the subview. the subview is created by a factory, which is implemented across two classes...

The UserSettings singleton's updateSettings method emits a signal for each user preference value that needs to be updated in the main application (e.g., undo stack size, window size, etc.). Signals are connected through the main view to the sub view down to the target class instance that makes use of the value.

It would also appear that if I even open an entirely different table subview, it has the same effect - no connections are established. It appears, then, that the connection is only made for the first subivew. After that, it fails - whether or not the first subview is destroyed before another is created.

Maybe the problem lies on the view side?

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What do you mean by "problematic"? Also, it will be difficult to answer your question if you do not post some code that shows what you are doing. –  RA. Jun 13 '13 at 3:32
Added code and a few other comments above... So far as "problematic" goes, there seems to be a plan to have the subviews moveable across multiple open views, which makes parenting impractical... It may not be a big deal in the end, but if I manually disconnect, I shouldn't need to worry about parenting the subview... –  Joel Graff Jun 13 '13 at 11:34

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