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I am a newbie as far as Sphinx is concern. My project structure is as follow:

  • argparse_actions/
    • argparse_actions/
      • __init__.py
      • folder_actions.py
      • ip_actions.py
    • doc/
      • _build/
      • index.rst ==> This is the starting point, home page, or root doc.
      • and more...

__init__.py looks like this:

from folder_actions import *
from ip_actions import *

folder_actions.py looks like this:

Folder Actions

This module implements some reusable custom actions.

.. autoclass:: FolderExistsAction
.. autoclass:: FolderCreateAction


# The rest of the code

The generate HTML document looks fine except for this part:

class folder_actions.FolderCreateAction( ... )

I know that the folder_actions module prefix is correct, but I want to change it to use the package name instead, like this:

class argparse_actions.FolderCreateAction( ... )

Is there a way for me to achieve this?


  • The root document is in doc/index.rst
  • If I move the docstring from folder_actions.py to __init__.py, then the doc will look like this:

    class __init__.FolderCreateAction( ... )
  • FYI, my project is now on BitBucket

Update 2

I don't know why my changes are not pushed to BitBucket, but that irrelevant. please take a look at the same project, pushed to GitHub. I appreciate your help, mzjn.

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1. You must have at least one .rst file in doc. What is in it? 2. What happens if you move the module docstring from folder_actions.py to __init__.py? –  mzjn Oct 5 '13 at 17:43
Please see my update. –  Hai Vu Oct 5 '13 at 19:24
Please see my update 2. Thanks, @mzjn. –  Hai Vu Oct 5 '13 at 19:49
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After a few months of hiatus, I finally figured out the solution: by adding the following line to the docstring of folder_actions.py and ip_action.py modules:

.. module:: argparse_actions

Preferably, this line should be the first line of the module docstring.

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