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As the title. I am currently use ZXing to scan barcodes, but it can't recoginze some (about 25%) of the barcodes, anyone know a good quality component?

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ZXing is good enough. Recognition rate depends on your barcode quality. What's the standards of your barcode, and how large is your barcode ? –  Raptor Jun 13 '13 at 3:43
Well, I tested on my book collection, they have different sorts size(standards) of barcodes, my observation is it is different for every scan even for same barcode, sometimes a barcode can be recognized with in a few seconds, but second scan will take half a mins. –  peanut Jun 13 '13 at 22:01
recognition speed depends on light source & camera resolution & focus ability. ensure you have adequate distance between camera and barcode, such that the camera can focus properly. –  Raptor Jun 14 '13 at 2:19
I would really like to PAY for a good component. ZXing does not provide an interface on WP8 like it does on Android. It expects an image to be passed to it. The capture of a frame of video is too small resolution to do this, and you lose autofocus when using the built in device. If you use a camera preview window, you get a max resolution stream to use which is unbearably slow. Seems there's no good answer here. –  Paul Apr 18 at 21:23
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I am using a library build using ZXing + Nokia Imaging SDK: http://developer.nokia.com/community/wiki/Optical_Reader_Library_for_Windows_Phone_8

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