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I got a wordpress blog inside the public sub folder.

I wanted to use same layout with the laravel view that using blade.

Is there anyway to achieve that?

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First thing I would try would be to create a file.blade.php in the views folder, then in that file include() your file from outside. – Alexandre Danault Jun 13 '13 at 11:01
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I managed to do this with the following function:

function bladeCompile ($from, $to, $data)
    $fs = new \Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem;
    $b = new \Illuminate\View\Compilers\BladeCompiler($fs, __DIR__);
    $src = $b->compileString (file_get_contents($from));

    $isPhp = false;
    if (substr( $src, 0, 5 ) === "<?php")
        $isPhp = true;
        $src = substr($src, 5);
    $tempFileName = tempnam("/tmp", "blade-compile");
    file_put_contents($tempFileName, $src);



    include $tempFileName;
    $out = ob_get_clean();
    if ($isPhp)
        $out = '<?php'.$out;
    file_put_contents($to, $out);

And then use with:

$data = array ( // equivalent to the 'with' function.
    'parameter' => 'value';
bladeCompile ('input.blade.file', 'result.file', $data);
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Yous just need to add your paths to app/config/view.php and blade will automatically find them

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