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I have been hearing about CouchDB & nosql dbs for a while, finally got time to dig a bit more. I chose Couch mainly because of the http api as js is my most familiar language and I can do things without my server fellows.

By diving into the CouchDB for a whole day, and going through the guide briefly, one question came up: How should I structure my data?

Lets say, we have 3 people and 3 books: Tom, Mike & Marry; book1, book2 & book3. Is there anything that lets you put different types into different categories? Like:

folder people


folder book


As I found out that it'll be very hard for views for different databases, it will not be practical to put them in different databases. All I can figure out maybe:


But again, even if this will be the only solution, using strings for the type doesn't seem to be a good idea; there should be something like 'cost' to maintain the types really.


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The idea of using a type field is the most common solution, I think. Why do you think using strings is not a good idea? Another option would be to check for the existance of certain fields to figure out which type it is. For example, a book will have an isbn field but a person won't. –  Kim Stebel Jun 13 '13 at 7:59

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