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I have a problem understanding the following hibernate mapping xml.

<class name="pojo.NewClass" table="emp_master">
      <id name="emp_code">
          <generator class="increment" /> 
      <property name="emp_dept" />
      <property name="emp_desig" />
      <property name="emp_name" />
      <map name="m1" table="ass_test" cascade="all">
          <key column="r_no" />
          <index column="t1" type="string"/>
          <many-to-many column="t2" class="pojo.SubDet"/>

In the class named NewClass there are the following properties :

  • emp_code
  • emp_dept
  • emp_desig
  • emp_name
  • m1

Then there is a tag many to many inside the tag map. What is it meant for ?

Please explain me the complete mapping file.What is actually happening ?

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