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How to select all field except any specific field in MySql.

i have a countries table and when i write query

SELECT * FROM `countries` WHERE 1

it returns all record of countries table enter image description here

but i want all record except continent and i don't want to write all field manually in select box.

SELECT `id`, `iso`, `ioc`, `iso3`, `fips`, `name`, `continent`, `currency_code`, `currency_name`, `phone_prefix`, `postal_code`, `languages`, `geonameid` FROM `epoker_countries` WHERE 1
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-1 shotgun tagging. If it's about MySQL, why's it tagged Oracle and PostgreSQL? This is also a bit of a frequently asked question; the fairly easily found answer is "there's no shorthand for this". – Craig Ringer Jun 13 '13 at 6:24
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SQL doesn't let you do that. But you can maybe make a view :

CREATE VIEW filter_countrie AS
SELECT `id`, `iso`, `ioc`, `iso3`, `fips`, `name`, `continent`, `currency_code`, 
       `currency_name`, `phone_prefix`, `postal_code`, `languages`, `geonameid` 
  FROM `countries` 

you'll then be able to query your view by doing

select * from filter_view
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thanks @pdelorme – Gagan Jun 14 '13 at 12:50

You can't. Either specify the exact fieldnames, or specify the asterisk tot select all (which is not recommended).

For the record, these things are referred to as columns or fields. Records are the rows in the table.

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Unfortunately, it is either * or whatever fields you require. There is no *, (except col1, col2)

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