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I have a global hash

our %employee = (

later I want to use it in a subroutine wid different values

sub emp
    print ("$employee->'ename' = 'satish'");

but this is not happening can you please suggest me what is wrong here..?

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%employee is a hash not a hash reference. So try to modify the value like $employee{'ename'}= "Satish";

use strict;

our %employee = ( 
    'ename' => "rahul",
    'eno'   => "25",

sub emp {
    print "Original Value: $employee{'ename'} \n";
    $employee{'ename'} = "Satish";
    print "Modified Value: $employee{'ename'}\n";



Original Value: rahul
Modified Value: Satish
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Just like you would modify another hash value.

Say you have a package like so:

package TestPack;

use warnings;
use strict;

our %employee = (
    ename => 'rahul',
    eno   => 25,

You could modify the hash like so:


use warnings;
use strict;

use TestPack;

print "name: $TestPack::employee{'ename'}\n";

$TestPack::employee{'ename'} = "Chris";
print "name: $TestPack::employee{'ename'}\n";

The output:

$ ./ 
name: rahul
name: Chris

Although it probably isn't best to handle the data directly when working on larger projects with many people, instead you can have something like "accessors/mutators" in TestPack:

sub get_value {
    my $val = shift;

    if( exists($employee{$val}) ) {
        return $employee{$val};
    } else {
        return "No such value: $val";

sub update_ename {
    my $ename = shift;

    $employee{'ename'} = $ename;

The other module/script could add something like this:

my $new_new_ename = "Mike";

print "name: ", TestPack::get_value('ename'), "\n";
print "name: ", TestPack::get_value('foobar'), "\n";


name: Mike
name: No such value: foobar
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