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at System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.Write()
at CoreLab.Oracle.CoreLab1Oracle.a()

I need to replicate the issue and I don't understand what causes this error.

Can anyone explain under what conditions this exception is thrown ?

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Keeping detailed description would help you to get the answer quickly, still you may choose to rename the name(s) of your application specific libraries/code to whatever you want, as long as they doesn't mask the actual problem, if you wish to keep them confidential, but details and what you did to find/fix the problem is important. –  Siva Gopal Jun 13 '13 at 8:48

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Without more context, all we can tell you is that some code (whatever CoreLab.Oracle.CoreLab1Oracle.a() is) tried to Write to a NetworkStream that had already been disposed. This could be as simple as "a socket became disconnected", or could be more complex involving your usage of the objects, and potentially explicitly calling Dispose() (or implicitly via using) too early. Or it could just be as simple as "just a bug".

But fundamentally, we can't debug that without a lot more information. Is CoreLab.Oracle.CoreLab1Oracle your own code? or some library that you are using?

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